Trusted suppliers

In this line of business some of the most important people, (apart from customers!) are the suppliers we use. I have always opted for companies in the UK. I choose companies that I have grown to trust, so that I know whenever I place an order for gemstones, pearls or sterling silver I will always get the best quality products.

In the last few days, one of my favourite suppliers of freshwater pearls has announced that she is retiring. She founded her company in 1975 and I have bought pearls from her for over 10 years. In the same week the company that supplies me with my some of my silver findings has announced that it is closing down.

I wish them the best for the future, but I know that it will take quite a while for me to find new companies to replace them. In the meantime, I will be buying as much stock from them, as I possibly can, before they close their doors!