Earrings – pearl, silver and gold

This summer I have probably sold more earrings than anything else, and they are by far one of the most asked for pieces of jewellery.

I think the fact that once you’ve had your ears pierced you are committed to wear earrings does mean that many people feel ‘undressed’ without them. Often I am asked to make just one earring to match an existing one because half of the pair has been sadly lost or mislaid.  I think perhaps a ‘pair and a spare’ might be a good idea for some customers 🙂

When it comes to making pearl earrings the hardest part is matching the pearls. By their very nature, pearls are a natural product and no two are absolutely identical.  I spend hours getting the best possible match, using those pearls that are the closest in both colour and shape.

For some customers Swarovski pearl earrings are the much better option, as they are perfectly round and a perfect match. They are also extremely good value!

For others the feel of a freshwater pearl and the fact that they are real is more important, together with their slightly irregular shape and natural look.

Biba & Rose pearl drop earrings are available on sterling silver and gold vermeil wires, and the majority of them come with a choice of fittings.

If you cant find exactly what you’re looking for, do get in touch as a bespoke pair can be made especially for you…