Jewellery Photography

I often think that if I’d known how difficult it was to take photos of jewellery I might have taken a different path!

Each time I come up with a new design I try to photograph it myself, so that I can pop a quick picture up on Social Media, but to be honest I don’t know why I even try! …it is SO difficult!

Generally speaking, I think it’s because jewellery is quite 2-dimensional, so can appear quite flat in a picture. Also pearls on the whole are pale in colour, so as I like to have a clean white background that can prove really difficult as well. The other difficulty is making sure that the image portrays the exact colour of the piece, but with people using difficult screens to view the website, that it seems is almost impossible!

The other problem is working with sterling silver, It’s so reflective! …either I can see myself, or I can see the outline of the camera reflected in the piece each time, which is so frustrating. There have been times I’ve used tin foil to disguise other objects in the area, or white sheets to cover dark objects, as well as tiny pieces of ‘blue tack’ to stop the bead rolling out of shot. It’s certainly quite a challenge!

That being said, I use a brilliant photographer who has all the proper equipment, so when the time is right I descend on his studio with all my completed designs and we get started. I’m sure he finds it difficult, as I am a real perfectionist, but in the end the results are always brilliant.

I’m seeing him on Monday, so hopefully the website will be updated with some new designs over the next few weeks. Watch this space… 🙂 x