Bridesmaids Gifts

I’m very lucky to love what I do, and I particularly enjoying making Wedding Jewellery.  There’s something really special about being asked to make something for such an important occasion.

Biba & Rose bridesmaids gifts

Recently (it must be that time of year!) I’ve had lots of orders for bridal jewellery.  Sometimes it’s been a beautiful necklace for the bride herself or a set of jewellery for the Mother of the Bride, but more often than not it’s for a selection of bridesmaids gifts.  I love to see how many bridesmaids each bride has chosen and often wonder how hard that choice must be. Do you just choose your very best friend or sister, or do you have a group of friends, which must be such fun if sightly more costly!

Either way it must feel lovely to be chosen and to receive a little something as a thank you.

How many bridesmaids would you choose?…

Happy New Year – 2019

Happy New Year!

It was certainly a very busy period in the lead up to Christmas. Some customers even arrived to collect orders only a couple of days before the big day.

But now is the time I dread! Being a small business January is a month filled with paperwork. It’s the month when I start applying for many of the events that I attend throughout the year. In fact, I have applied for a couple of 2019 Christmas Fairs already!

It is also the month for the dreaded ‘tax return’. Every year I promise myself that I will be better organised and do it earlier next time, but sadly that never seems to happen. It’s a job I put off and every time there’s a new piece of jewellery to make instead, I obviously get side-tracked.

That being said, I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also wouldn’t be here without my customers, so would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy, healthy and Prosperous 2019 x

Too early for Christmas?

To many the sight of Christmas decorations, cards and gift wrap in the shops in September is just too much! To others the excitement of Christmas can’t come soon enough!

I’m always very impressed by those customers who start shopping for Christmas presents as early as possible. If they see the ideal gift for someone they just buy it, no matter how many weeks or months are still to go.

It certainly must help to spread the cost of Christmas, as long as they don’t forget where they’ve hidden their purchases!

That being said I decided to put my Christmas earrings on the website this year, rather than just selling them at events, and I am amazed by how many pairs have already been sold.  I make them using Swarovski Crystals and sterling silver, so they will last for many Christmases to come.  They can be found here – …for a limited time! 🙂

Photographing new designs

Each year I come up with a few new designs, ones that have been tried and tested first at the many events that I attend. I know how important my core range is to many of my customers, but at the same time I like to follow new jewellery trends and experiment with different colours and shapes of pearls.

Then comes the fun bit …photographing them.  Jewellery is one of the hardest things to photograph.  It is very two-dimensional and also highly reflective. Many a time I’ve been seen wrapping a white cloth around the camera lens or using ‘tin foil’ to reflect back onto a shiny surface!

Biba & Rose photo studio

Luckily I have a fantastic photographer who is happy for me to spend hours in his studio tweaking the pictures until we are both happy.

I spent one such day with him yesterday, so hopefully by next month there will be some beautiful images of new designs for you to see.  Those of you on my mailing list will be notified by email, so watch this space…



The heatwave continues

July has been one of the most frustrating month’s trading so far.  Events have been difficult to say the least, with the footfall being so much lower than in previous years.  At Cotswold Show on the Saturday afternoon there was literally no one about …not a single solitary soul!  This was definitely due to the incredibly hot weather, and the football, and Wimbledon …quite a combination!

That being said it has been one of my busiest months on my website and also my Etsy shop, so I think in the sweltering heat it has proved better to stay indoors, stay cool and do some online shopping 🙂

If you haven’t seen my Etsy shop, it can be found here – It’s worth taking a look as I sometimes add one-off designs, something you may not see on my website.

Well the heatwave look set to continue for a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the month of August brings.  In this business it’s impossible to tell!


GDPR and Biba & Rose

On the 25th May 2018, one of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law comes into effect.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) is making sure that we all have more control over how our data is used and how we want to be contacted.

To continue receiving the communications that you would like to receive from Biba & Rose, and not annoying emails that will end up in your ‘junk’ inbox, please make sure that you update your preferences and sign up for the Biba & Rose newsletters.

That way you will receive emails with details of new designs and special offers such as discounts that are only available for limited time. You certainly won’t be bombarded with newsletters, as they are only sent out three or four times a year, and your information will never be passed on to anyone else.

Thank you,

Spring and Summer Jewellery

Yesterday the sun was shining, and it was such a beautiful day it was hard to believe that less than a week ago we had snow on the ground. I do love this country and the strange weather we have!

We also lost an hour in bed so that we can now enjoy lighter evenings, even if it does take a few days to adjust. It always fascinates me that we still keep this tradition although I know there are some who would prefer us not to.

Apparently it was invented by George Vincent Hudson, a New Zealand entomologist in 1895, while British businessman William Willett is also credited with the idea as a way of getting up earlier and so having more daylight hours after work.

During World War One, Germany and Austria used the hour change to save on coal usage, and although the UK has always had daylight saving since it was first introduced, it came into widespread use across the world during the 1970s because of the energy crisis.

…so Spring and Summer clothes will start appearing in the shops and you may find you need a piece of Biba & Rose jewellery to match!

Biba & Rose jewellery

Outdoor events

The end of the outdoor events means I can finally put away my wellington boots!  It’s certainly been a wet season this year.  It rained so hard at The Royal Cornwall Show in June that I had to close my stand for fear of getting flooded and The Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe was another wet one.  Thunder & Lightening struck overhead and it felt as though we were literally in the eye of the storm  … a bit scary to say the least!

Then it was back to Cornwall for The Camelford Show and even more rain, followed by even more mud.  We couldn’t get the vehicle anywhere near my stand, so finished up carrying all my stock across two fields.

Back home in my studio I realise how much I love these events as I get to meet so many new people and visit so many lovely parts of the Country, but it is really nice to be back in The Corn Hall in Cirencester with my regular spot inside, with lighting, wifi and a nice clean loo!

#pearljewellery #ontheroad

You can find a list of my remaining Autumn and Winter dates on my events page.