October Birthstone Jewellery

Those born in October have a choice of two birthstones – tourmaline and opal.

Each of these gems comes in a rainbow of shades and colour combinations. In fact, according to legend both of October’s birthstones came to earth through a journey involving rainbows.

Tourmaline is known as the ‘Peace Stone’. A tourmaline is believed to dispel anger and fear, and to keep the wearer calm and tranquil. It is also believed to enhance creativity in its wearer

The second October birthstone is Opal. It was thought that the Opal fell from the heavens when lightning struck the Earth, and according to legend, it is believed to make the wearer invisible and is associated with purity, innocence, hope and faith.

Biba & Rose birthstone pendants come on a sterling silver chain with a delicate silver star and Swarovski crystal or gemstone depicting the chosen month.  Prices start at just £20