Mother’s Day


Happy Mothering Sunday

Spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and hopefully most of the snow has now disappeared!

Before Easter, the next event on this year’s calendar is on Sunday 11th March.  It’s a day to celebrate all mothers, without whom none of us would be here!

I’ve always called it Mothering Sunday – something my mother insisted upon, but whether you call it Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, it’s a day to thank our mothers for everything they do for us. I love it when small children come to my stand to choose a gift for their mother. Invariably if it’s a little girl doing the shopping it tends to be something pink!

In the dictionary it is described as “a day each year when people give a card or present to their mother or do something special for her”. Hopefully it’s a bit more than that, and although I think it’s lovely to have a special day for her, I guess we should really show how much we appreciate her every chance we get….



Adverse weather conditions

The weather is not feeling very spring-like as I write this. There are deep drifts of snow outside and half the country has come to a stand-still.

Everywhere looks so beautiful covered in a white ‘blanket’, so it’s definitely the perfect time to stay inside, keep warm and order online!

adverse weather conditions


I’m lucky enough to have a post office within walking distance, but I’m afraid that I’m not sure that normal delivery times will be resumed for a few days yet!



Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I hope everyone is delighted with the gifts they receive whether it be a piece of jewellery, flowers or chocolates.

Valentine's Day Jewellery from Biba & Rose

I thought I’d find a few facts about the day…

Apparently Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast day honouring an early saint named Valentinus, but it is now recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration of romance around the world.  In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion when lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.

Another ancient custom, which is believed to have originated in China – involves lovers locking a padlock onto a chain or gate to a bridge, and then throwing away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.

In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart. On a recent rip to Italy I was amazed to see so many padlocks attached to sights around the cities.

In 1868, the British chocolate company Cadbury’s created decorated box of chocolates in the shape of a heart and boxes of chocolates soon became associated with Valentine’s Day.  Later in the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging cards was extended to all manner of gifts, including jewellery.

The U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that approximately 190 million valentines are sent each year in the US!!



Getting away from it all

Owning your own business means that you can fit work around your other commitments  …or at least that’s the idea!

In reality this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. I find myself worrying every time I’m away from my workshop in case someone is trying to get hold of me or has placed an order online that they need urgently. I check my emails at every opportunity and often receive messages and phone calls late in the evening or in the middle of the night! To be fair, these tend to be from my ‘Worldwide’ customers rather than those in the UK!

I do offer Special Delivery, but specify that orders aren’t posted until the day after the order has been placed. That being said, Biba & Rose standard delivery allows for 3-5 working days before dispatch, but in many cases the order is posted less than 12 hours after being placed.

This month the workshop will be closed for just over a week, so orders will take a little longer to be dispatched. Any order placed between now and the end of January will be dispatched on Thursday 1st February.

I’m very sorry for the delay and do hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience.

Still plenty of time!

This is a very busy time of year for everyone, but if you are still looking for a last minute gift you can place Christmas orders right up to mid-day on Thursday 21st December.

To guarantee UK delivery before Christmas… I would suggest that you select the Special Delivery option on all orders placed after Sunday 17th December just to be on the safe side.

…and if you happen to be lucky enough to receive some money for Christmas then January is the perfect time to revisit the Biba & Rose website! 

If you need help with any orders do get in touch – 01454 218775




Christmas in The Corn Hall

Throughout the year I have a stand in The Corn Hall in Cirencester every Thursday from 10 til 4pm, but in the run up to Christmas I’m there an extra day each week, so you can find me every Wednesday and Thursday.

In December the hall is decorated and the Christmas music starts to be played.  It’s a lovely atmosphere and a great place to stock up on your Christmas presents.

Biba & Rose in Cirencester

If you’re looking for something in particular do contact me beforehand and I’ll make sure I’ve got it with me.


Order early for Christmas!

Christmas may seem a little way off, but it pays to order early if you can!

Until midnight on Sunday 12th November you can benefit from 15% discount on every purchase by simply entering code GIFT17 at the checkout.

You can use the code as many times as you like, but it must be entered for the discount to be taken off the total.

If you’d like to hear about new designs or any future offers, just sign up to the Biba & Rose newsletter

October Birthstone Jewellery

Those born in October have a choice of two birthstones – tourmaline and opal.

Each of these gems comes in a rainbow of shades and colour combinations. In fact, according to legend both of October’s birthstones came to earth through a journey involving rainbows.

Tourmaline is known as the ‘Peace Stone’. A tourmaline is believed to dispel anger and fear, and to keep the wearer calm and tranquil. It is also believed to enhance creativity in its wearer

The second October birthstone is Opal. It was thought that the Opal fell from the heavens when lightning struck the Earth, and according to legend, it is believed to make the wearer invisible and is associated with purity, innocence, hope and faith.

Biba & Rose birthstone pendants come on a sterling silver chain with a delicate silver star and Swarovski crystal or gemstone depicting the chosen month.  Prices start at just £20


Outdoor events

The end of the outdoor events means I can finally put away my wellington boots!  It’s certainly been a wet season this year.  It rained so hard at The Royal Cornwall Show in June that I had to close my stand for fear of getting flooded and The Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe was another wet one.  Thunder & Lightening struck overhead and it felt as though we were literally in the eye of the storm  … a bit scary to say the least!

Then it was back to Cornwall for The Camelford Show and even more rain, followed by even more mud.  We couldn’t get the vehicle anywhere near my stand, so finished up carrying all my stock across two fields.

Back home in my studio I realise how much I love these events as I get to meet so many new people and visit so many lovely parts of the Country, but it is really nice to be back in The Corn Hall in Cirencester with my regular spot inside, with lighting, wifi and a nice clean loo!

#pearljewellery #ontheroad

You can find a list of my remaining Autumn and Winter dates on my events page.